Yes but 100 percent risk when it’s your kid who gets myocarditis.

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Jul 22, 2022·edited Jul 23, 2022

"Among hospitalized children, only five received supplemental oxygen, four of whom were admitted to the intensive care unit. Of these five children, one was unvaccinated, two were partially vaccinated, and two were fully vaccinated. No deaths attributable to Covid-19 … In Singapore, 22 serious adverse events [SAE] after vaccination (0.005% of all doses administered [1 out of 20,000])... Bottom line then: Risks to kids are low either way.”

Really? On the Covid risk side, 1 unvaccinated child ended up in ICU (or on O2). On the vaccine risk side, 4 children ended up in ICU (or on O2) anyway and another 22 had a “serious adverse event”. So, risk/benefit of getting injected is 26:1? (or 22:1). Even IF the individual risk is low, that is a big relative difference. And, the numbers add up with millions of children injected.

Also, more important, is the risk of SAE really 0.005%? Not mentioned is the URF (underreporting factor) for the adverse events. In the US VAERS system, the URF is somewhere between 10 to 100 (Steve Kirsch, Jessica Rose estimate about 30 or 40). But the CDC assumes VAERS reports are vastly overreported for the Covid vaccines and basically assume there is no URF (or overreporting).

So, multiply 22 adverse events by the URF, and you have a range of actually 220 to 2200 vax injured children to avoid 1 unvaccinated child from ending up in the ICU. If you use an URF of 40, then the 0.005% SAE risk would actually be 0.2% ( or 1 in 500). That doesn't sound like a “low risk either way” to me for a vaccine for healthy children.

P.S. As a firefighter, I was one of the first to get the Phizer shot on 12/23/20. A week after I got my second shot, I had a DVT, and the following week a PE that put me in the hospital (and on blood thinners for months). At the time, I thought it was a post-surgical complication from outpatient surgery, but my surgeon was surprised by the PE since I had no risk factors and was a relatively young 56 year old (and the shot was “safe” and only caused anaphalatytic reactions in a million or so folks).

A year later, I finally made the association when I finally researched the vaccine injury “conspiracy theory” for myself and saw the huge number of clots being reported (before my firefighting career, I graduated with a MSE of Industrial Engineering from University of Michigan and was briefly a Phd student. I took several courses in applied statistics; I know how to read & evaluate research papers).

The CDC and FDA are the ones full of BS. At best, they're just covering their butts (and the folks in the know at the lower levels are just keeping their mouths shut until they can get their years in to retire with their government pension). At worst, Peter Marks and company are getting ready for a “retirement” job with Phizer, etc.

I got all my shots as a child, and plenty more in the Army. I've gotten a flu shot every year for the past 30 years. On 4/01/21, I had my 16-yr old son get his shot the first day it was available (in 2 weeks he's going to a college without covid shot mandates). I even got my second shingles shot just before I looked into the “conspiracy theories.” I'm hardly a crazy “anti-vaxxer.” But, after watching the ACIP & VRBPAC meetings etc. , and seeing how the “sausage is made”, I'm now very skeptical of vaccines, medical "experts", the "brand-name" medical journals, and the medical industry (partly thanks to reading Vinay's book on “Medical Reversals”, among others). My trust in medical authorities is gone.

Maybe Robert F. Kennedy, Robert Malone and other "anti-vaxxers" aren't crazy, but the victim of censorship & propaganda? Many have been kicked off Twitter, FB, YouTube. Others, lack their courage and have self-censored. Perhaps, including Vinay? He hasn't yet applied his rigorous skepticism toward vaccine safety, VAERS, & the CDC's pro-forma "safety surveillance"? (although, to his credit, he has discussed myocarditis in young men).

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Results are not surprising, at all. I would like to know, though, how many kids were studied. It would be helpful to look at raw numbers: i.e., 7,000 kids studied, 5 hospitalized w/Covid, but 22 had serious adverse effects from the vaccine. My guess is that the known adverse events from vax would be greater than the serious Covid illnesses. And that's not counting potential long-term side effects from the vax.

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Sorry, not low risk either way. The mRNA technology is novel with NO long term data related to the lipids that encapsulate the RNA. Aside from issues associated with what the produced DNA might be doing, we have no idea about what is happening with the packaging.

The life year risk to seniors is nearly zero but not so for a child. Until we have considerably more data the long term risks are unknown. The risk of a Covid infection in a child is known and is close to zero. We obviously can't know what the response to an infection, antibodies and memory cells, will be long term either, but the vaccine doesn't prevent infection so the risk remain constant.

I might submit that giving an ineffective vaccine of unknown future to a child is completely irresponsible. I can't imagine how science would approve such a thing.

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I appreciate your writing very much. You are able to see much of the truth regarding covid-19 illness and the "treatments" FDA has authorized. And I guess I understand why you gloss over the AEs caused by these vaccines, given what has happened to the careers of other very good doctors. But you do a significant disservice here. There is a clear risk from the vaccines in young adult and adolescent males. And the recent paper from Israel describing the vaccines' impact on fertility is rather frightening when you think about the potential effect in children. You draw in readers who think Robert Malone and Paul Alexander are nuts, but find themselves unable to believe the propaganda any more. And they will take your words about the covid-19 vaccine safety to heart. And some will injure their child as a result. You need to take the brave stand and start talking about the safety risks in more realistic terms.

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Went to Kaiser yesterday to get some help with cystic acne.

The nurse asked me if I wanted to get a 'rona booster since my last shot was May 2021. I'd already decided way back that I wouldn't get the vax again unless the 'vid got more serious OR they came out with a jab that would significantly reduce infection, and thus transmission, like they'd promised at the beginning of the rollouts.

I replied, "Not until they come up with a new formula, something that targets omicron and has fewer side effects and better efficacy."

She told me that they're always coming up with new formulas ... but my BS detector went off.

Why haven't I heard of new formulas? Why are medical experts I trust saying the current vaxs are still based on an older strain of cofid nineteen?

After I got home and searched for 'new vax formulas.' The only thing I could find were stories about upcoming versions targeting omicron specifically ... and that these might not be available till the end of the year.

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Ask your doctor if you can see the package insert for the shots

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If they are administering the experimental product (gray cap for Pfizer) there won't be one. Only if they are administering the "fully approved" version (purple cap for Pfizer).

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In the adverse event side remember that an 11 year old will get 1/3 the dose as a 13 year old. There was a study a while back showing the smaller dose just as effective in teens. Why not use it?

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Now they aren’t getting vaccinated for illnesses that I’ve had or deadly diseases, like polio. I knew several kids back in those days who had polio, most died. Some of them, we’re now in our late 60’s or 70’s, still deal with the effects from it. Very upsetting!

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I wish it wasn’t an issue that Doctors push. My younger grandchildren are behind on their regular immunizations for 2 reasons. It’s hard to get in for a well baby/child check up and if they do get in, the Docs push the Covid vaccine. So, my kids don’t take their children to the doctor. I’ve used a lot of oxygen over the past 10 years convincing all of them that the vaccines for polio, tetanus, pertussis, MMR and others were crucial to protect their children

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