At some point, for these idiot administrators, it goes from stupid and unethical to criminal. I believe we've crossed that Rubicon.

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Thank you Dr Prasad.

Such a good discussion!

Some years ago on UCTV Medical channel a doctor, whose name I can’t remember, was advising to keep vitamin D level near 50. He was very convincing and I’ve strived to follow. In December’19 I was seriously ill with a virus. Believe vitamin D level protected me.

When vaccines became available I took two. Only reaction was sore arm. Some months later, after losing sense of smell, tested positive for the virus. Only other symptom was temp of 100.5 for a couple of days.

At 92 I’m done with vaccines and heeding Dory’s advise to Nemo, “Just keep swimming.”

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I have a physician in my community who couldn't wait to "protect [her] babies with a vaccine". Her "babies" being a teenage boy and a 10yo boy. I told her she should wait for data, bc "it's very unlikely these things will help kids". She didn't listen, of course. Gave into fear and peer pressure. I pray her boys don't have irreparable myocardial injury.

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