There is no sense in being crazy if you don't show it.

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For the hundredth time this is because the doctors who led the country were not practicing physicians. I managed our practice, but I also saw 30 patients a day in rural town . I took care of everyone, neighbors, and relatives. They sent me a patient once with abdominal pain. I asked him why they were seeing me and they said because someone told them that, even though I was a heart doctor, I would get them to the right person. That's because they had trust

The reason they trust is because I never lied and when I didn't know, I said I don't know.

A shocker is people accept that, and they don't think poorly of you. On the contrary, they want to think that you are a decent person, and when you admit your limitations, it gives them trust.

I don't know if Dr. Fauci, etc. were pressured or not, but they basically should have said

1. This is a horrible disease.

2. If you're not in good health, it can take your life.

3. We don't have a solution, but we think the vaccine could help, staying away from others, and maybe be wearing a mask

4. As we learn more, will tell you more.

How much less division in the country with there be had they simply said the above

They said take the vaccine or you can't come to work. Take the vaccine or you're a horrible person ; take the vaccine so you will never get infected and you won't spread it . Every doctor in the planet knew that was not true. No vaccine is 100% effective . Wear the mask because it's like a cone of silence around your head. It's all crazy and it was all untrue.

And then people who questioned them were demonized

They need to simply apologize and start over because it not only hurt people regarding Covid. It's making it very difficult for doctors every day now to talk about anything . I can't tell you all the people who are telling me statins don't work and that it's fine to walk around with a cholesterol of 300. And when you argue about it, they say yeah just like with the vaccine.

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California air got cleaned up decades ago! There are 70 countries where particulates are worse than any Western country. People need to just stop with the fuckin safetyism!

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Step 1: Take silly steps to satisfy my idiocy.

Step 2: Force everyone else to do it too.

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If he wants to wear a mask, or two, he can! He does not need to have evidence showing it is helpful. If people want to look “crazy” and they aren't disturbing others, they can!

Who cares? Maybe he's wearing it for some other reason. Maybe he had a peel and is protecting his skin. Maybe he's famous and doesn't want to be recognized.

Really, who cares?

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In answer to your question, I think it may be time to stop talking about mask effectiveness. Not much more you can do about it. Thank you for your passionate voice.

I’d rather see more research and conversation about Covid vaccine induced adverse effects like neuropathy and inflammation. Small studies are coming out but we need more knowledgeable voices on the matter to avoid unnecessary vaccination of children and young adults until we know more.

Thank you.

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I have worn a mask outside on nice days while riding my bike for 3 reasons

1. It prevent bugs or large particles from entering my trachea

2. My cheeks are particularly sun sensitive and the mask helps prevent sun burn

3. I have exercise-induced asthma and am allergic to tree, ragweed, and grass pollen and the mask helps mitigate reactions

That being said, most days I don't wear a mask when riding

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That is the ultimate “Lib” bicycle.

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Hmm. If had a bike like that I would wear a mask to disguise myself too.

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The main reason I oppose mask wearing is the confusing message it sends children. Adults need to model healthy adult living. We lied to kids and unfortunately most of them believed us. We need to admit we made so many terrible mistakes and we need to stop making them.

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People who mask simply show their crazy! No need now to guess, it’s visible!

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Perhaps he was concerned about poo particles?

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You're taking your insistence on evidence too far. It's one thing to demand it for public health decisions, another altogether for our personal choices—especially those for which no good evidence exists. I make dozens of decisions a day about things that might affect my health. Have they all been studied? Have they all been WELL studied? Am I aware of and able to easily access and interpret the studies that do exist relative to each of these decisions. No. Sometimes you have to go out on a limb and make decisions based on your accumulated life experience. BTW, you're essentially arguing for a different, non-evidence-based behavior: just do what everyone else is doing. Is there any evidence that masking while riding a bike in a potentially polluted city is worse for you than not wearing one? BTW, particulate concentrations in cities are worst exactly where cyclist mouths are—which is likely not where the data you present is gathered.

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The emperor is not wearing any clothes.........

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Another thing is I personally dont feel safe around a bunch of people covering their face. Its been a big boon for the thieves and gangsters. Great. If I had a store or an event, I would require that everyone show their face before entering. They could put their mask back on once they got inside but there’s no way I would let in people who were covering their face and were anonymous to me.

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We have a smile deficiency in the US. We are now in a misery pandemic. Smiles reduce cortisol and boost our immune systems and smiles are wildly contagious. But with the mask on you can protect yourself from being happy and or look miserable to everyone around you.

Can we *please* counter the massively harmful “6foot distancing” campaign with a smile campaign? Im even ok if male construction workers and guys on the street start telling me to smile again. Smile wrinkles are so much better looking as we age. Love you Vinay. Lets all smile to the masked up people; maybe they will feel less afraid.

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