Vinay, Recall that the initial Pfizer study did not measure anything important -- only antibody levels. Patients with problems were randomly "dropped". Side effects were ignored. While there were short (weeks or months long) reductions in mortality for those 80+ from the spikeshots, it is unclear that anyone else has benefitted. And the various cardiac, neurologic, reproductive, hematologic and immunologic long-term effects are yet to be seen.

The pediatric studies have shown no deaths so they cannot be quantitated as working in the real world at all. To the best of my knowledge even in the Real World there are no pediatric deaths without major comorbidities. Just a handful of children with increased antibodies to a spike that has not been around for years.

This all smacks of fraud not only in pharma, but more so in FDA, NIAID and CDC and it is likely time to start calling it that. Following the money ($350M anyone from Pharma back to government employees whose salaries we pay?) makes it easy to understand. The "study" documents used for authorizing the spikeshots are still mostly unseen. We may see them (highly redacted for all the important information, incidentally) over the next year, even though the FDA and Pfizer sued to hold the release for 75 years (Has anyone seen Biden's speech on "it all has to be transparent before a single shot goes in" speech?) Those released so far (obviously those the least noxious) indicate massive problems with the program. They also destroyed (with the FDA's complicity) the control group the day after the very short trial (which did not measure outcomes other than Ab levels) by injecting the control group. Unforgivable non-science.

It also makes it easy to understand why the last two ethical FDA managers (who ran the vaccine program) resigned in disgust rather than participate in further fraud. I wish they would speak more, but I expect they fear for their lives...and I mean that literally.

The only reason there is such a strong move for pediatric approval for the spikeshot is to provide permanent legal immunity to the pharmas under the vaccine liability act. Until it is on the pediatric immunization schedule, there are still bases to sue, although they are tenuous. It is also why there has NEVER been a Comirnaty dose dispensed in the US, even though they have FDA approval. They keep giving the "Emergency Use" drug because it is also exempt from liability. This is a year after approval and not ONE dose given of the approved drug? And the American public stands for this shell game? This is all just a lawyer's play to make sure that the pharmas are completely permanently relieved of any harms the spikeshots may be causing.

As you have pointed out, the government has proven beyond a doubt that the people for whom they are NOT working are US citizens, especially the children. They are taking their own on-the-side money, lying to the populace, and doing whatever they darn well please irrespective of anything having to do with evidence or science. They clearly just do not care.

The saddest part is that they have dragged most of the medical community (thanks for being a rare exception) into the same gutter -- in substantial part the tragedy of doctors being salaried so instead of looking out for their patients they can have "work/life balance"...(don't get me started on that rant). So they must obey. But as Nuremburg demonstrated, that will not be an excuse when the accountability begins.

But it is sad. Not only should public health NEVER get any credibility back (they do not deserve to) it will take generations for the medical profession to get any back...and that is a loss for patients and doctors.

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We have to keep saying it. The FDA has to be held accountable for their actions. So does the WH. We can’t shake our heads and walk away— nothing will change. I’ll be reading, liking, commenting, and sharing every single one of these posts.

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Dr. Prasad,

Given all these facts, what next ? I have seen no evidence or have had any direct experiences of any agency or institution walking back their “ non - science.” Quite the contrary. They simply press harder, fear monger and yell louder.

Our children are being used as shields and pawns in an unconscionable war of greed, arrogance, ego , power and money!!

Talk, reason and evidence based medicine are losing … big time !!

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VP its time to stop stepping around it....you have to know in your gut that it makes NO sense that the FDA, etc etc is just "ok" with continuing to do things so backwards...no evidence based medicine...no RCTs...its all just "ok" now...why?! Can it really just be about $ and power? I think there is evil at play and its becoming more and more apparent to those that have woken up....its like all the mystery fires in the food processing plants that have occurred over the last year or so...is that normal in any other given time frame? I wonder...we can't run and RCT trial on evil...but it should be considered as a potential explanation for the continuous (probably purposeful) failures you are highlighting....more MDs need to rise up and highlight them too.

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Thanks again, keep on writing and commenting. Stunning, isn't it that people like Jha, who have held so many mucky-muck posts at supposedly prestigious institutions, are either so unbelievably corrupt, dishonest, or incapable of reading the endless stream of stats and articles about C19 that they just keep on BS'ing their way along. Incompetence is the surest way to promotion, I suppose. We are now at the stage of the disinformation wars where, really, the best voices are actual treating clinicians with real world chops and a dose of ability to report and analyze basic data. Why anyone with discrimination would choose to de facto believe anything from a 3 letter or national agency related to health is really way, way beyond me. Not above my pay grade, just way out there for believability, yet it happens every day.

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Wow. This is the most concise and definitive analysis I have read from this subscription in re the analysis we have been asked by the “experts” to swallow: hook line, and sinker.. If this Dr. is willing to go this far out on the limb to shout irresponsible, unreasonable and twisted, then I am hoping floodgates open and equally brave physicians and scientists step forward, and/or continue and maintain their efforts, to provide fodder for feeding the cognitively dissonant public as to the path we’ve been led to follow and the error of this way. Thank you 🙏 Dr. P. I’ve read you since the beginning of this nightmare.

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Then there’s this terrible article in medscape - again saying myocarditis is higher post covid vs vax and not even providing the rates of myocarditis for vax but minimizing. And as 75-90% of kids have had covid, the relevant question now is studying kids whether kids with prior infection benefit from any , 1 or 2 doses of vax. (And breaking out data on severe kid cases by health risks- eg the recent mmwr study of 400 kids with covid shows that the vast majority of hospitalizations are incidental (65% incidental if vaxxed, 58% incidental is unvaxxed) but the 1/3 of kids hospitalized is of the 400 (so could be that all of those are kids are in the incidental group). They have the data- including who was in the icu. It is infuriating the details are not shared. I am confident that my healthy kids who have been vaxxed now have zero risk of a severe outcome (very low pre vax) so do not need boosters nor live life in a way trying to avoid covid other than for the annoyance of a vacation or fun experience was missed due to a positive test. However, if I had an immunocomp kid, or with a risk factor (type 2 diabetes/obesity/ neurological seem to be the critical factors??), I would know that in the rare cases of severe outcomes, these are the kids at risk so did the vax bring their risk to zero or how close? This could impact what risks of exposure I would be willing to take and whether the risk benefit tilts towards an extra dose at some point to bring risk back down. By blending data and not being honest, it really hurts the families who need the data the most to properly assess their risks.

In the meantime, another infuriating perspective shared at the latest ped meeting!!


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I wish I had hope that anyone was EVER going to have consequences for this. Children, college students, and medical professionals fired for mandates have paid the price. Meanwhile, the next 10+ years of education is going to be trying to recover the mess they've made. As an educator, I'm not very hopeful.

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Masterful Lacerating Riposte! Wow!! Tremendous! Someone get Jha to trauma bay! (but no rush) The unabashed buffoonery is jaw dropping!!

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I've been wondering what percentage of kids in California have actually had Covid given the lengthy closure of the schools and the fact that people keep masking. Rest of the country 90%? Sure....

But then ours had it last week so......

And you're right it was very mild for my <12. Shockingly easy. The worst part was the emotional trauma of missing the most fun week of school and a birthday party because the antigen test kept coming back positive despite the fever having broken days before.

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I am so tired of government stupidity on so many topics- and worse is its continuing deafness to reason.

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Question: would you be able to add links to data before you post? I know your preferred style is extemporaneous, but in the spirit of respecting data, it would be good practice to link to data.

How many erroneous statements could be curbed if everyone adopted this simple practice?

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I keep getting emails from work (school district) that vaccines are the most effective way to stop the spread ... I got the 2 jabs April 2021. 8 days in bed with chills, fever, and a host of other issues. Late 30s but very healthy. People are free to double mask at work if they're concerned.

There's discussion of a new vax requirement in July 2023 ... as if anyone knows what the covid situation will be 13 months from now.

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Jun 9, 2022·edited Jun 9, 2022

The bivalent Moderna vaccine data released yesterday is another example of a crappy RCT. It’s endpoint NAb GMTs. No clinical outcome data on infection, severity of illness, hospitalization or death. It’s sanctioned garbage. And we must say that out loud.

But if AB2098 is passed in California any physician one disagrees with can be reported to the medical board and possibly be delicensed. To encourage more physicians to speak out this type of roadblock must be prevented so discussions like this can continue in a granular way. As to Dr Jha he is an opportunist, a talking head who came to fame during the pandemic because he said what the bureaucrats wanted to hear, not necessarily what is correct.

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