Welcome to my Substack. I’m Vinay Prasad, and I am a hematologist oncologist and Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at University of California, San Francisco.

In these pages, you will get my thoughts on medicine, cancer, health policy, evidence and whatever is in the news. Hopefully, by reading, you will become better at critical appraisal of medicine, and thinking through policy issues.

I run a Youtube Channel, and, I host and cohost the podcasts - Plenary Session, and the VPZD show.

I have written 2 books: Ending Medical Reversal (w Adam Cifu) about all the flip-flops in biomedicine and Malignant, about cancer drug policy. I have also published more than 450 peer reviewed articles, which you can check out here.

Free subscribers will keep up with my thoughts and observations; Paying subscribers will get extra articles that are behind a paywall, or get access to them before everyone else. Maybe soon, I will include some special videos or podcasts.

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